Spring Alive Campaign- Bird Watching Competition!

This term we have started a partnership with ACNR, an environmental conservation organization in Rwanda that is working with BirdLife International on the Spring Alive Campaign. Spring Alive is a campaign to bring schools in Europe and Africa together to monitor migratory bird populations and get students excited about bird watching! This means that the RLS Environmental Club could contact a school in Poland to inform them that we have seen bird species here in October that began their migration from Poland in June. Who knows, maybe we have even seen the same exact bird! We also have the opportunity to go on bird-watching outings with ACNR and other Spring Alive schools in Rwanda and participate in international bird watching competitions.

To start our own Spring Alive Campaign at RLS, we decided to hold a school-wide bird-watching competition. During Crew time, Environmental Club members went to each class and explained how the competition will work: First O-Level (S1, 2, 3) will have a two-week competition, and then A-Level (S4, 5, 6). When a student sees a bird, they report a description to an Environment Club member who then records it. The O-Level and A-Level class with the most sightings gets a prize!

Amani and Sam explain the bird watching competition to the S1 class.
Shukulu (far right, holding paper) explains the birdwatching competition to S4 students.
S1 bird observations
Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 3.11.34 PM
Log sheets used by Environmental Club members to record students’ bird sightings.

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