Spring Alive Campaign- Akagera National Park

As a part of the Spring Alive Campaign, five RLS students were able to go on a bird watching outing to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park with three other Rwandan schools (including Center for Champions, a primary school located down the street from RLS). Two S5 students, Jean Claude and Ezekiel, and three S1 students, Melisa, Diane, and Kevin, went on the trip with Katie. Not only was this a great opportunity to see many different species of birds, but we also got the chance to spread the word about the RLS Environmental Club! Rwandan national TV, newspaper, and radio (The New Times, TV10, and Radio 10) interviewed Jean Claude, Melisa, and Diane while at Akagera! They discussed the Spring Alive Campaign, RLS, bird watching, and environmental issues in Rwanda.

Each of the students wrote their favorite sightings of the day at Akagera:

Ezekiel: “I was interested in the different species that I have seen on the trip of bird watching, like guineafowl, tawny eagles, and the blue-eyed sterling.”

Jean Claude: “At one time we passed animal skeletons, like something had eaten the animal or it had died from lack of water. We saw baboons and other animals, but about 25 bird species like the African fish eagle, black kites, egrets, and cuckoos.

Diane: “I watched many animals for the first time, such as buffalo, giraffes, monitor lizards, and antelope.”

Melisa: “My favorite bird was the go-away bird, but we also were able to view a leopard, giraffes, and many lakes.”

Kevin: “I was face-to-face with nature and many types of birds and other animals.”

Some of the species that we saw were:

-Yellow-headed weaver

-Blue-eyed sterling



-Ring-necked dove

-Common sandpiper

-African jacana

-Hadada ibis

-Long-toed lapwing


-African fish eagle

-Black kite

-African water lapwing


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